Discover the Best Pen Knife For You!

Imagine you find yourself in an unexpected situation that requires the use of a knife.  What kind of knife would you want in your pocket?  Honestly, you would probably be very grateful to have any knife with you.  But it’s clear because you are reading this, you are someone that thinks ahead, and you don’t want just any kind of knife, you want the best knife possible to do the job with.

Which Knife Will You Choose?

Ultimate Penknife Guide

Pen Knives
& material
Rating: 5 Highest

Buck 371BRS Stockman
2 -3/4 inches (clip blade)/
stainless steel

Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades, Amber Bone
stainless steel

Buck 373BRS Trio Folding Pocket Knife
2-5/8 inches (clip point)

Case Cutlery 109 Case Pen Pocket Knife with Chrome Vanadium Blades, Yellow Synthetic

stainless steel$$4.5

Buck 379BRS Solo Folding Pocket Knife
2-1/4 inches$4.0

Buck 305BKS Lancer 2-5/8" Closed
1-7/8 inches (clip point)$$5.0



Choose Wisely!

Choose Wisely!

The thorough informative chart of knives above and the analysis below this will help you decide what the best pen knife is for you. We all have our ideas on what makes a great knife for various jobs but in a special situation you want the absolute best pen knife possible, and so we’re here to help.




Could you cut this string? You do have a pen knife right?

Could you cut this string?
You do have a pen knife right?


A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers


Regarding the chart:

•Price – These are approximate prices on Amazon

•Rating- based on users reviews

Note the prices change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Rating are given by the user on Amazon.

This chart can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase. The pen knives included on this chart actually only begin to scratch the surface. So many manufacturers and models exist that there is no way that we could have listed each one. However, many of the best knives are included at a nice price range and from a wide variety of quality makers. Most all of the pen knives included are stainless steel which many feel is an essential element for choosing the right pen knife.


What is a Pen Knife? A pen knife is the essential tool that can be used in the event you get lost in the outdoors or you need a tool to get you out of an everyday bind.   In a circumstance where  you are lost in the outdoors, the proper pen knife can be a life saver to help you survive by help building a shelter, start a fire, hunt, prepare food, dig, clear paths, and much more.  You’ll be the hero! A good solid pen knife is almost in everyone’s price range and provide many of the benefits.

How To Find a Pen Knife That Meets Your Needs Above you will find an comprehensive comparison chart of many of top pen knives on the market today. But before you start getting too excited over your next tool, lets take a look at what’s on this guide.  Rather than taking some guys advice on a YouTube Video  about what the best pen knife is,  you can look at the options and criteria to help you make the best buying decision. So, above you will find the Best Pen Knife Comparison Guide to help you find the perfect knife for you.


Review of the Top  Pen Knives

Honestly, there are a lot of exceptional pen knives that could  have been included above but these are the few that are our favorites. Below you will find our top 6 picks for overall best pen knife with more a more detailed review of each. So, pull up a chair and lets dig in.



best pen knife

Based on overall rating, quality of blade, size, and reputation of the maker, the Buck 371 BRS is one of the best pen knives that anyone could own. This folding pen knife has a 3-blade design Clip point blade is ideal for detail work.  The Spey blade enables skinning or sweeping strokes.  The Sheepsfoot blade provides clean a cut The high-impact plastic handle; measures 3-7/8 inches closed. The Stockman has classic woodgrain handles with Buck’s “Classic Bolt” logo and nickel silver bolsters. The Stockman comes with Buck’s 4-Ever Lifetime Warranty. This knife currently has received a 4 out of 5 star ratings from those that have reviewed it on Amazon. So, if you are looking for a traditional quality pen knife, don’t just take our word for it, take note of all the existing users that have publicly rated it as well. Click for reviews, rating and $$

Buck 371BRS Stockman

Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman


The Case Cutlery 042 is a fine pen knife- one of the best. This pen knife features a Peach Seed jigged Amber Bone handle and Tru-Sharp surgical steel Clip, Sheepfoot and Spey blades. The jigged genuine bone handle is finished in a mellow shade of amber. An ideal size  measuring 3 5/8″ closed, and weighing 2.5 oz. Case has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The Amber Bone Medium Stockman makes an ideal gift. Specifications: Pattern: 6318 SS; Handle Material: Peach Seed Jigged Amber Bone; Blade(s): Clip, Sheepfoot and Spey; Blade Material: Tru-Sharp surgical steel; Length Closed: 3 5/8″; Weight: 2.5 oz. See review and $$ here

Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades, Amber Bone


Buck 373 BRS Trio Folding Pocket Knife

The Buck 373BRW Trio has a 2-5/8″ clip point, 1-7/8″ Sheeps foot, and a 1-1/4″ pen point.  It has 420HC stainless steel blades.   The Trio has classic woodgrain handles with Buck’s “Classic Bolt” logo and nickel silver bolsters.

The Trio is 3-1/4″ long closed and weighs 1.9 oz. The 373BRW Trio features Buck’s 4-Ever Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Click below for review, rating and price
Buck 373BRS Trio Folding Pocket Knife


Case Cutlery 109 Case Pen Pocket Knife


This Pen knife measures 3 3/8″ closed and weighs 1.8 oz. This hand-crafted Case is ready for a full day’s work.  Specifications: Pattern: 32087 CV; Handle Material: Smooth Yellow Synthetic; Blade(s): Clip and Pen; Blade Material: Chrome Vanadium; Length Closed: 3 3/8″; Weight: 1.8 oz. Some knife lovers will settle for nothing less than chrome vanadium blades, since this special formula of alloyed steel is the “original” Case blade steel. Case chrome vanadium blades are known for their edge-holding ability and easy re-sharpening and they are less resistant to rusting, pitting and discoloration than stainless steel.

See all review and $$ click below
Case Cutlery 109 Case Pen Pocket Knife with Chrome Vanadium Blades, Yellow Synthetic


Buck 379 BRS Solo Folding Pocket Knife

The Buck Solo pocketknife is great for detail work, piercing, and working in tight places. This compact knife features a 420J2 stainless-steel clip blade, along with a traditional wood-grain handle with Buck’s “Classic Bolt” logo. Also outfitted with nickel silver bolsters, it’s a great choice for daily use.  The Solo carries Buck’s 4-Ever unconditional lifetime warranty.

$$ and reviews click below

Buck 379BRS Solo Folding Pocket Knife


Buck 305 BKS Lancer



The Buck 305 Lancer includes: Knife, Box, and Warranty Registration Card, The Buck 305 Lancer features 2 blades, a 1-7/8″ clip point, a 1-7/8″ coping 420HC Stainless steel blades The Lancer comes with black plastic handles with the Buck “Classic Bolt” logo The Buck Cadet is 2-5/8″ long closed and weighs .7 oz. The 305 Lancer TM, as with all Buck Knives, features Buck’s 4-Ever Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Click below for reviews and $$
Buck 305BKS Lancer 2-5/8″ Closed

photos by: left-hand & kabatology
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